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Leadership Alchemy
Join the Adventure and Transform Your Leadership!
Peter Shields
Corporate Alchemy

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Great leadership is hard to find. Companies spend millions trying to fix their leadership issues by recruiting new leaders, hiring consultants to tell them how to restructure and a myriad of other 'outside-in' initiatives that fail to achieve the intended results. What if they’re approaching the leadership dilemma entirely the wrong way?
82-year-old Ben Luckeridge is wise enough to know his business needs an inside-out leadership solution. Despite having all that a billion-dollar company and a successful career affords, Ben has serious health problems, regrets and an estranged daughter with whom he longs to reconnect. He must choose an heir to the Luckeridge Group of Companies before it's too late.
Ben's nephew Jack, the heir apparent, is barely clinging to his role as CEO of The Luckeridge Group, thanks to his autocratic and arrogant leadership style. How could Ben possibly bequeath the business to him?
With the help of his confidant Angela, a transformational executive coach, Ben devises a 12-month leadership adventure which Jack must successfully navigate if he is to become heir. Jack is soon joined on the challenge by a host of would-be challengers, including the engaging and energetic Zenobia, and he is immediately drawn to her calm confidence.
While Zenobia is fighting emotional battles of her own, her patience, empathy and leadership potency shine through, showing Jack that to unlock his inherent leadership potential he must overcome his emotional reactivity.
As Ben hurtles closer to death, Jack and Zenobia navigate their way toward a business that is more profitable, more meaningful and more sustainable than ever before. Their quest uncovers startling truths that transform all of them – and the organisation – forever.


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